Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last Seven Days (1975)

Artie Mitchell
Jim Mitchell (as James Mitchell)

* Deborah Brast [BJOnly]
* Gina Fornelli [Anal]
* Joan Devlon (as Giovanina)
* Jacquie Brodie [Anal]
* Nina Laurie [NonSex]
* Priscilla Alden
* Sharon Thorpe
* Mira Vane (as Shell Kugler) [IR]
* Susan Catherine

* Barry Vane (as Barry Kugler) [NonSex]
* Dale Meador
* George S. McDonald
* Johnnie Keyes
* Ken Turner
* Ken Scudder (as Kenneth Scudder)
* Sean Brancato [NonSex]
* Tyler Reynolds
* Yank Levine (as Yank Levin) [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Deborah Brast, guy
* Scene 2. Gina Fornelli, George S. McDonald
* Scene 3. girl, guy
* Scene 4. Ken Turner
* Scene 5. girl, Ken Turner
* Scene 6. Tyler Reynolds
* Scene 7. Jacquie Brodie, George S. McDonald
* Scene 8. 2 girls, Joan Devlon, Sharon Thorpe
* Scene 9. Gina Fornelli, Sharon Thorpe, Mira Vane, Susan Catherine, George S. McDonald, Johnnie Keyes, Ken Turner, others
* Scene 10. Joan Devlon, Tyler Reynolds
* Scene 11. Nina Laurie, Sean Brancato

This is a hardcore adult film, albeit a historical classic, and is not available to persons under the age of 21. Fantastic erotic classic created by the Mitchell Brothers. An incredible combination of sexual comedy, sci-fi adventure and erotic rituals of ancient earth – the “Ben Hur” of the porno industry with a spectacular cast of thousands! The highest budgeted pornographic film ever produced at over $500,000.





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