Spare The Rod (1974)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1974
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Tina Smith, Ric Lutze, Rick Cassidy

Description: “Eureka!.” cried the Deviate as he watched Spare the Rod. What else would a deviate say when he comes across the Quintessential ’70s Sex Flick? Are you ready for this?…
Rick Cassidy turns in a veritable tour de farce as a cuckolded husband turned vigilante. After catching his voluptuous wife balling Ric Lutze, Cassidy buys a gun and goes on a rampage of sexual revenge.
In one scene he actually pops out of a closet pointing both his gun and dick at a virginal co-ed and her boyfriend, then forces them into a threesome (which they don’t seem to mind one little bit). In another scene, as Cassidy undresses, the woman he’s about to fuck just sits there smiling confusedly, and we can hear Rick mutter under his breath, “You’re supposed to take everything off…”
All in all, Cassidy’s futile attempt at simulating silent rage, the laid-back attitude of those he’s supposed to be terrorizing, and the highly-charged erotic sex scenes that only the early ’70s could produce, make this one of the Deviate’s all-time favorites and, indeed, one of the best of the long lost wonders dear old Bucky has discovered to date.
All together now: “Eureka!.”



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