Spitfire (1984)

Cecil Howard

* Annie Sprinkle
* Tigr (as Chelsea Manchester) [Facial]
* Gail Sterling
* Rikki Harte
* Samantha Fox [Facial]
* Sharon Mitchell
* Susan Nero

* Barry Black
* Eric Edwards
* Joey Silvera
* John Leslie
* Lee Allen Richardson (as Lee-Allen Richardson) [NonSex]
* Michael Morrison
* R. Bolla
* Raymond Lester [NonSex]
* Cecil Howard (as Ward Summers) [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Samantha Fox, John Leslie
* Scene 2. Tigr, Michael Morrison
* Scene 3. Annie Sprinkle, R. Bolla
* Scene 4. Sharon Mitchell, Barry Black
* Scene 5. Gail Sterling, Eric Edwards
* Scene 6. Samantha Fox, Eric Edwards
* Scene 7. Annie Sprinkle, Tigr, Joey Silvera
* Scene 8. Tigr, Eric Edwards
* Scene 9. Susan Nero, R. Bolla
* Scene 10. Rikki Harte, Joey Silvera
* Scene 11. Annie Sprinkle, Eric Edwards
* Scene 12. Samantha Fox, John Leslie

A strange woman surprises hotel guest Brian. Claiming to be a prostitute, she makes him betray his wife. She then reveals being Lacey, former wife of Senator Victor Kidd. Victor hoped to win the elections but Lacey feared their nymphomaniac daughter Katherine would hurt his “chastity belt” image. Especially as Lacey caught Katherine with the mayor, not knowing Katherine caught Victor seducing his buxom secretary Lulu. Reporters Brenda Gleem and Eddie joined forces on the case, until Eddie saw Brenda with a room service guy. Lacey hired Dr. Roy Vargo for Katherine, but first compensated him after hearing Mrs. Fairchild had him beaten for billing her for their sex. Meanwhile, Katherine seduced Eddie with Lulu joining in. Victor passed out chasing Eddie. Dr. Vargo moved on to Katherine, while Victor got special attention from buxom Nurse Watson. Eddie was then compensated by photographer Shelley, while Dr. Vargo moved on to Lulu. With Katherine finally flashing on live TV, Victor passed out for the last time. Lacey then spiked Katherine’s drink and went to blackmail Brian, the political aide who was left with Victor’s secret dirty stash of cash.






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