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    St X-Where 2: The Hospital (1987)

    Country: USA
    Language: English
    Release Date: 1987
    Distributor: Caballero Video / Vidco Entertainment
    Director: Jonathan Burroughs

    Starring: Alexa Parks, Britt Morgan, Keisha, Lauryl Canyon, Nikki Knight, Shanna McCullough, Billy Dee, Jace Rocker, Jesse Eastern, Jon Martin

    Description: If you got laid-up at the original “St. X-Where” you know what to expect when you check into this hotter, bolder, raunchier “St. X-Where 2: The Hospital”. All the elements for an arousing, climaxing, uplifting cure are at your bedside. Watch your temperature rise when nurses like Keisha, Britt Morgan & Laurel Canyon work their special brand of sexual therapy on the upstanding staff and horny, impatient patients. After taking a turn for the nurse, let Shanna McCullough as Dr. Randall bend over backwards to get you off – the sick list!




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