Strange Curves (1988)

Two men, strangers, meet in a bar. One has a cheating wife, the other a domineering sister. And they’re looking to be rid of them both. What ensures is an erotic entanglement worthy of award-winning director John Leslie ? and suspense worthy of Hitchcock. A chance meeting? A misunderstanding? and murder?

John Leslie

* April West
* Charli
* Kelli Warner
* Sasha
* Victoria Paris [IR]

* Al Martin Jr. [NonSex]
* Al Van Ronk [NonSex]
* Buck Adams
* James Tyler [NonSex]
* Joey Silvera
* Ray Victory
* Scott Irish
* Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Victoria Paris, Buck Adams, Ray Victory
* Scene 2. Kelli Warner, Sasha, Joey Silvera
* Scene 3. Victoria Paris, Scott Irish
* Scene 4. Charli, Tom Byron
* Scene 5. April West, Joey Silvera





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