Summer Heat (1979)

Summer Heat (1979)
Summer In Heat (boxcover title)
Hot Revenge

Year : 1979
Studio : Triad Productions
* Essex Video
* Electric Hollywood
Language : English

Director : Alex de Renzy … (as Christy McCabe)
Description :
“This handsome production was set on and around beautiful Lake Shasta. A wealthy senator plans to build a damn in a remote part of Northern California. The local hillbilly types don’t appreciate his progressive ideas. They wreak havoc upon the senator’s boating party. The senator gets a corncob up his ass and Desiree is raped.

A beautiful woman recalls her orgy of sexual adventures that she had last summer. Filmed at majestic Lake Shasta, she joined a group of turned on young people as they partied aboard a houseboat built for pleasure. Gorgeous Desiree Cousteau heads an all-star cast in this panorama of pleasure!

Starring :
* Delania Raffino … Liz
* Jamie Gillis … Patrick
* Jack Wrangler … Jack
* Desiree Cousteau (as Desiree Costeau) … Alice
* Jesse Adams (as Jessie Adams) … Jessie
* John Leslie … Phil
* Juliet Anderson … Judy
* Ron Meyers … Josh
* Clair Dia (as Shady Skates) … Rea
* Stanley Cohen … Ben
* Kathy Kaufman (as Catherine Kenmore) … Blanch
Kathy Kaufman’s only sexual activity is sodomizing Jack Wrangler with a corncob

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Delania Raffino, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Desiree Cousteau, Jesse Adams
Scene 3. Delania Raffino, Jack Wrangler
Scene 4. Desiree Cousteau
Scene 5. Juliet Anderson, John Leslie
Scene 6. Juliet Anderson, John Leslie
Scene 7. Delania Raffino, Jesse Adams
Scene 8. Delania Raffino, Jamie Gillis
Scene 9. Kathy Kaufman, Clair Dia, Jack Wrangler
Scene 10. Desiree Cousteau, Ron Meyers





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