Summer Of ’72 (1982)

To the Loss of Innocence & the Discovery of the Body
Feel the Heat in Summer of ’72!
Young, hard Manhood, aching to discover himself. Ripe, hungry Femininity, jaded with ordinary lust and eager to devour his innocence. In the SUMMER OF ’72, passions are unleashed, bodies are entwined, while erotic fantasies shatter reality!

Louis Lewis

Annette Haven
Bridgette Monet
Lisa De Leeuw (as Lisa DeLeeuw)
Loni Sanders
Nicole Black
Tara Aire

David Cannon
Mike Horner
Paul Thomas
Richard Pacheco

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Nicole Black, Tara Aire, Paul Thomas
Scene 2. Loni Sanders, Paul Thomas
Scene 3. Nicole Black, Tara Aire
Scene 4. Bridgette Monet, David Cannon
Scene 5. Lisa De Leeuw, Paul Thomas
Scene 6. Ginger, Mike Horner
Scene 7. Annette Haven, Richard Pacheco




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