Sunny (1979)


Mark’s 25th birthday has him inheriting a large trust and loads of babes. But the money changes him for the worst, so his mother has our heroine Sunny try to set him straight. Instead, she fixes his wagon, hones his cone, honks his horn and puts a smile on his face they’re still trying to wipe off!

Candida Royalle [Facial]
Christine DeShaffer (as Christine De Shaffer) [Anal DP]
Denise Sloan
Diane Sloan
Marlene Willoughby [Facial]
Merle Michaels [BJOnly]

David Ruby (as Dave Ruby)
Jack Teague (as Jake Teague)
Rick Iverson (as Jeremy Wyatt)
Marc Valentine (as Marc Valentino)
Randy West
Ron Hudd
Gordon Duvall (as Sleepie La Beef) [NonSex]
Ashley Moore (as Steve Bridges)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. 2 girls
Scene 2. Rick Iverson, Candida Royalle
Scene 3. Rick Iverson, Candida Royalle
Scene 4. Gilberto, Marlene Willoughby
Scene 5. David Ruby, Ron Hudd, Candida Royalle, Randy West
Scene 6. Rick Iverson, Marlene Willoughby
Scene 7. Ron Hudd, Marlene Willoughby
Scene 8. blonde, Rick Iverson
Scene 9. Merle Michaels, Marc Valentine
Scene 10. Ashley Moore, blonde, Denise Sloan, Diane Sloan, Randy West
Scene 11. Christine DeShaffer, David Ruby, Ron Hudd
Scene 12. Rick Iverson, Marlene Willoughby



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