Talk Dirty To Me 5 (1987)


Alexis Greco (as Alexandria Greco) [LezOnly]
Cris Cassidy [Clip]
Jesie St. James [Clip]
Nikki Knight (as Nikki Knights) [LezOnly]
Ona Z [Bald]
Shanna McCullough
Sharon Kane
Tracey Adams (as Tracy Adams)


Joey Silvera
John Leslie
Jon Martin
Robert Bullock
NonSex Performers
Howard Darkley


Jack’s flashbacks are actually clips from “Talk Dirty to Me 1”.

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Shanna McCullough, John Leslie
Scene 2. Ona Z, Joey Silvera
Scene 3. Cris Cassidy, John Leslie
Scene 4. Shanna McCullough, John Leslie
Scene 5. Alexis Greco, Nikki Knight
Scene 6. Jesie St. James, John Leslie
Scene 7. Shanna McCullough, John Leslie
Scene 8. Sharon Kane, Jon Martin
Scene 9. Tracey Adams, Robert Bullock

Description: Jack is back and his nurses; other patients and the lady psychiatrist have him. But this time, he has amnesia, and is totally unable to recall anything of his past, including his identity. However, while under hypnosis as part of his therapy, he reveals the earthy, straightforward sexuality we have come to expect of him. Nurses, patients and doctors all benefit in their personal lives from Jack’s erotic candor, enabling them to discover intense and aggressive sexuality within each of them. Everybody wins in this comedy/drama, including Lenny, Jack’s slow-witted sidekick. Lenny`s unwavering faith in Jack’s ultimate return is rewarded by the older woman Jill, who tenderly seduces him, showing him that his ability to love is not restrained by the slowness of his mind. The characters are real people, with real sexual needs. Their growth is our growth.



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