Talk Dirty To Me One More Time 2 (1987)

Anthony Spinelli

Lisa Bright
Krista Lane
Shanna McCullough

John Leslie
Jon Martin

NonSex Performers:
Richard Pacheco

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Krista Lane, John Leslie
Scene 2. Lisa Bright, John Leslie
Scene 3. Keisha, Jon Martin
Scene 4. Keisha, Shanna McCullough

“He is what every woman wants… and what every woman needs. John Leslie is back in his greatest role ever, playing sensual superstud Jack in this white-hot compilation. Anthony Spinelli, the creator of the ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ series, brings together some of Leslie’s favorite co-stars and has them reminisce about his wanton ways. We then get to watch him in action as he drives a series of luscious young ladies to the heights of pulse-pounding passion. Leslie is one of the most talented studs in porn history, and ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ one of its most consistently erotic series. One look at this scorching collection will utterly convince you, and who knows? You might just find yourself Talking Dirty, too!”






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