Taste Of Taija Rae (1990)

* Joanna Storm
* Mai Lin
* Taija Rae [Facial IR]

* Billy Dee
* Buck Adams
* Eric Edwards
* Francois
* Gabriel Pontello
* Jerry Butler

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Taija Rae, Jerry Butler
* Scene 2. Taija Rae, Billy Dee, Francois
* Scene 3. Taija Rae, Buck Adams
* Scene 4. Joanna Storm, Taija Rae, Jerry Butler
* Scene 5. Taija Rae, Billy Dee, Francois
* Scene 6. Taija Rae, Gabriel Pontello
* Scene 7. Taija Rae, Eric Edwards
* Scene 8. Mai Lin, Taija Rae, Billy Dee

“Porn star Taija Rae is an erotic actress who truly could pass as the girl next door. That’s because she had anything but typical porn starlet looks. Taija Rae had a fuller, rounder figure than most of her 80’s contemporaries, with wide hips and huge natural breasts. With a face that radiated sweetness and wholesome good humor, she came across more like a kindly elementary school teacher than the lusty porn veteran. Taija’s appeal can be traced to her uninhibited way with a sex scene. Once Taija gets going, she exudes intense erotic heat and displays a tirelessness and enthusiasm that belied her outward appearance. Her innocent demeanor turned into a lusty ardor when paired with men or women, and it’s just this unexpected wholesomeness that made her down-and-dirty sexual antics all the more exciting to watch!”







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