Taxi Girls (1979)

A hooker comes up with an idea for a unique taxi service that would facilitate her promiscuous vocation and make some money at the same time. The gals lavish their lusty attentions on a car deal. What a way to get off the street corner. They make deals with the banker, the car dealer, and then standup to an assault by the other taxi company.

Jourdan Alexander (as Jaacov Jaacovi)


Aubrey Nichols (as Adele Lambert)
Maria Tortuga (as Amika Giortano)
Hillary Summers (as Heather Gordon)
Jan Ledgerwood
Jolanda Borkhurst
Karen Marshall
Nancy Hoffman
Nancy Suiter
Pat Manning
Stacy Goldman
Unknown Female 5505 [BJOnly]

NonSex Performers:
Candida Royalle (as Candida Royal)
Penny Cash

Bob Arkin
Bud Wise
George Mitchell
Jamie Gillis (as Jaimi Gillis)
John Holmes
John Seeman (as John Seman)
Mike Ranger (as Mike Wrangler)
Mitch Morrill
R.J. Reynolds (as Randy Roetman)
Rick Lutze (as Rick Lutz)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Maria Tortuga, Nancy Suiter, Pat Manning, Mitch Morrill
Scene 2. Hillary Summers, Nancy Hoffman
Scene 3. Stacy Goldman, George Mitchell
Scene 4. Nancy Suiter, guy
Scene 5. Nancy Suiter, guy
Scene 6. Nancy Suiter, guy
Scene 7. Aubrey Nichols, Maria Tortuga, Nancy Suiter, Serena, Stacy Goldman, Mike Ranger
Scene 8. Stacy Goldman, guy
Scene 9. Aubrey Nichols, Maria Tortuga, Nancy Suiter, Stacy Goldman, John Seeman
Scene 10. Aubrey Nichols, Maria Tortuga, Nancy Suiter, Stacy Goldman, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 11. girl, guy
Scene 12. Nancy Suiter, John Holmes
Scene 13. Stacy Goldman, Unknown Female 5505, guy
Scene 14. Serena, Bud Wise, Jamie Gillis
Scene 15. Nancy Suiter, Serena, Bud Wise, Jamie Gillis, Mike Ranger, Rick Lutze
Scene 16. Nancy Suiter, old guy



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