Taylor Made (1989)

David Mann

* Aja
* Brandy Alexandre
* Champagne [LezOnly]
* Cheri Taylor
* Monina

* Alex Horn
* Bruce Walker
* Bruce Walker
* Chip Dale
* Jeff James
* Peter North
* R. Johnson
* Robert Bullock
* Rod Wilson

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Cheri Taylor, Robert Bullock
* Scene 2. Aja, Brandy Alexandre, Robert Bullock
* Scene 3. Cheri Taylor, Jeff James, Peter North
* Scene 4. Cheri Taylor, Alex Horn, Chip Dale, Peter North, Rod Wilson
* Scene 5. Cheri Taylor, Alex Horn, Chip Dale, Rod Wilson
* Scene 6. Champagne, Cheri Taylor
* Scene 7. Champagne, Cheri Taylor

“Blonde bombshell Cheri Taylor stars as a woman who leaves her abusive husband in search of personal satisfaction in this first-rate sexvid. Cheri runs to the airport, and when she finds that flights to L.A. are all sold out, she befriends a pilot who brings her along in his cockpit. Of course, she pays him back with a feverish fling once the place lands. They become a swinging couple, hitting SoCal hot spots and enjoying every erotic moment. The pilot takes her to a gym where she dabbles in some steamy shenanigans with a personal trainer. Meanwhile, he’s enjoying a threesome with a pair of leggy masseuses in the back room! Later on, Cheri hits a shoe store, only to find herself taking on the well-equipped salesman right there on the showroom floor. Cheri completes her transformation into a tanned Venice beach bunny and jogs along the sand attracting wolf whistles and more. She takes on a trio of party guys who live in a beachside apartment, then brings the pilot along for a bash there later on. That’s when Cheri finds herself attracted to a woman for the very first time — a busty blonde beauty who joins her in the sauna for a slam-band Sapphic sizzler. Cheri turns in one of her best performances ever in this flick that’s ‘Taylor Made’ to please!”








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