The All American Hustler (1976)

Year: 1976
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Classic
Duration: 1:04:00
Language English

Director: Huck Walker
Studio: Cinema Corp.

Cast: • Mickie Lynn
• Patricia Mason
• Tracy Scott

Description: Scene Narrative Summary
Scene 1 ~ An attractive redhead with 36D natural breasts is helped out of the hotel pool by a smiling man, when the scene cuts to a heated encounter in the bedroom. In a missionary position, he pulls out long enough to spray her love hole and while spurting, plunges back in !!! HOT! (CREAMPIE ALERT)

Scene 2 ~ The cocktail party is the scene where a very beautiful brunette goes into the bathroom to do something very disturbing. She boils a liquid in a spoon, drops a cotton ball into the spoon and extracts the solution to inject into her arm. This showed a real injection, no Hollywood fake, but it could have been a legal meds … no one knows for sure.

Scene 3 ~ Brunette from scene 2 goes into a shower scene with a john. After an oral warm-up, she spreads standing to grant him access. He finishes on her flat stomach then goes back in for seconds!

Scene 4 ~ After a few quick hits off a rolled cigarette, they get down to business and this guy looks born ready! He dry-hunches her on the bed before he explodes on her outfit – never gaining vaginal access!

Scene 5 ~ This fella kisses her lips but not her hips and goes in bone-dry … ouch! A few minutes later, he nails her pubes and without stopping, goes back in for seconds. She must like it because she gets on-top and he is still rock-hard! It does not show a finishing shot, but who cares? A quick Dou *** and she is ready again.

Scene 6 ~ During some sort of ritual, a coconut is shared to drink some potion. The brunette gets fingered by the monk like dude and boy – does she know how to grow hair down south! HOLY COW! The four gather in the middle of the floor for a group-hug that also results in a tug and lip-lock on his hard rock. A few kisses and strokes strike oil … and the dude cries! WTF?

Scene 7 ~ Never let your hooker play with straight razors. Never!

EPILOG: The gal that plays Carol the hooker has a fantastic body the camera man failed to capture. This gal is a keeper. Come to think of it, full body shots of any of the gals were rare or very short and that is a crying shame because they’re all old as hell these days! ”





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