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    The Collegiates (1973)


    Student Georgia shares an apartment with three girls. They are worried since Georgia is still a virgin, a problem they soon find a solution for.
    The Collegiates is a classic 70’s porn movie!!! You have to come and relive this classic movie. It actually has a good plot revolving around some sexually promiscuous college students and filled with unshaved pussies and 70’s attitude!!! Check out this vintage movie!!!

    Carter Stevens
    Robert Josephs

    * Kim Pope (as Zöe Friedrich)
    * Bertha Jones
    * Gloria von Stuben
    * Tanya Tickler (as Tanya T. Tickler)

    * Davey Jones
    * Harry Reems (as Harry Rheems)
    * Mark Andrews
    * Ashley Moore (as Steven Tucker)

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Kim Pope, Bertha Jones, Harry Reems
    * Scene 2. Tanya Tickler
    * Scene 3. Kim Pope, Gloria von Stuben
    * Scene 4. Kim Pope, Bertha Jones, Gloria von Stuben, Harry Reems, Ashley Moore
    * Scene 5. Tanya Tickler
    * Scene 6. Kim Pope, Bertha Jones, Gloria von Stuben, Davey Jones, Harry Reems, Ashley Moore
    * Scene 7. Tanya Tickler, Mark Andrews
    * Scene 8. Tanya Tickler, Harry Reems



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