The Dental Nurses (1975)

Cast from Imdb:

Tyler Reynolds … The Dentist (as Pencil Sharp)
Veronica Taylor … Miss Jerkens (as Mona Moan)
Susan Catherine … Miss Ponds (as Sally Dally)
John Seeman … Flanagan (as Nag Analf)
David Book … Dr. Kessel (as Les Sek)
Joan Devlon … Tootsie (uncredited)
Dianne Galke … Emergency Patient (uncredited)
Dashile Miguele … Masked Guy – Grey Pants (uncredited)
Al Russo … Masked Guy – Blue Pants (uncredited)
Ken Scudder … Angelo (uncredited)
Desiree West … Bobo (uncredited)

  • Scene 1. Joan Devlon, Tyler Reynolds
  • Scene 2. Veronica Taylor, Susan Catherine, John Seeman
  • Scene 3. Unknown Female 7728-A, Ken Scudder
  • Scene 4. Veronica Taylor, Susan Catherine
  • Scene 5. brun, Desiree West, Tyler Reynolds
  • Scene 6. brun, Desiree West, Susan Catherine, Al Russo, Dashile Miguele
  • Scene 7. Diane Glenke, Veronica Taylor, David Book, Tyler Reynolds
  • Scene 8. brun, Desiree West, Diane Glenke, Veronica Taylor, Susan Catherine, Al Russo, Dashile Miguele, David Book, Tyler Reynolds

Forget everything you ever knew or experienced at your dentists chair! Good Bye to pain! Welcome Pleasure! Here comes a picture that was banned in the Dental Convention for fear of giving away the secret. A breakthrough in the treatment of cavities, by a new combination of drill, brush and toothpaste. A TRUE CLASSIC FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF PORN!





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