The Fire in Francesca (1977)

Warren Evans

* Jean Dalton [BJOnly Facial]
* Patty Boyd
* Ursula Austin
* Vanessa del Rio [BJOnly Facial]

* Ashley Moore
* Roger Caine
* Ron Dorfman
* Russ Carlson

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Ursula Austin, Roger Caine
* Scene 2. Patty Boyd, Russ Carlson
* Scene 3. Jean Dalton, Vanessa del Rio, Ron Dorfman
* Scene 4. Patty Boyd, Ashley Moore, Russ Carlson
* Scene 5. Patty Boyd, Roger Caine

THE FIRE IN FRANCESCA is a pretty tame entry by old-school XXX “roughie” and grindhouse standards from notorious smut-director, Shaun Costello. Lacking the rape, S&M, and other assorted fetishistic material that are “staples” of the 70’s and 80’s hardcore New York AVON scene – it’s not a bad film overall but plays out more as a hardcore “whodunit”, complete with bad acting and inept plot-twists…
Francesca is an aspiring actress who turns up dead, and investigator Dan McCord is brought in to crack the case. McCord meets up with Troy Winston – a shady agent who tells a story of how Francesca seduced him in order to break-in to the biz. McCord also hears the tale of another up-n’-cummer, who recalls a sordid tryst with Nadine Rothman (played by porn-regular Vanessa Del Rio – who as hip-hop artist NECRO aptly and accurately notes “looks like a she-male version of Gene Simmons”…) and a shady producer. The “twist” eventually cums out and we find that there’s more than one side to the story – I can’t really say much else without ruining the whole “plot” of the film…
Some relatively decent sex-scenes, including vigorous blow-jobs and the typical cooch-lapping, along with the requisite in/out-in/out. Nothing too hot but mediocre spank-worthy material. One scene that has Francesca double-teaming Winston and his buddy is strangely “disturbing”, as Francesca double-sucks the guys, and then Winston bones Francesca while his buddy diddles and laps at her stuff with reckless abandon, while having homeboys package right up in his face. A little gay for my taste – but hey – whatever does it for ’em. The fact that THE FIRE actually has a mystery-style story redeems it to some degree – but TRUE “roughie” and sleaze-lovers won’t find too much to write home about in this one.





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