The Gypsy Ball (1980)

A sexy fortune teller conjours up some very desirable and illicit imagery as her crystal ball becomes the portal of XXX passion!


Desiree West [IR]
Jane Lindsay
Jesie St. James
Juliet Anderson [Facial]
Marlene Munroe
Sandy Hill [NonSex]


Blair Harris
Bob Bernharding
Dan Howard
John Seeman
Ken Scudder
Mick Jones
Mike Horner

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. brun, redhead, Dan Howard
Scene 2. blonde, Desiree West, Mick Jones
Scene 3. Juliet Anderson, Bob Bernharding, Ken Scudder
Scene 4. Marlene Munroe, Blair Harris, Mike Horner
Scene 5. 2 blondes, John Seeman
Scene 6. Jane Lindsay, Jesie St. James, John Seeman




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