The Night Before (1987)


This director is running into set-back after set-back when he tries to get his vision off the ground for a skin flick. First he thought he finds the perfect girl for the shoot and then the camera crew walks off the set! So now it’s up to his secretary to save the day! She uses her perky tits and tight twat to make things happen! She calls her friends in the business and auditions them herself for some of the hottest lesbian and group scenes you will ever see!

John T. Bone

Rachel Ashley [Facial]
Rachel Ryan
Renee Summers
Vanessa Cole [Facial]

Billy Dee
F.M. Bradley
Joey Silvera
John Leslie
Randy West

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Rachel Ryan, Joey Silvera
Scene 2. Renee Summers, Billy Dee, F.M. Bradley, Randy West
Scene 3. Keisha, Vanessa Cole, Billy Dee
Scene 4. Rachel Ashley, Randy West
Scene 5. Keisha, Rachel Ryan
Scene 6. Vanessa Cole, John Leslie



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