The Night of Submission (1976)


NYC voodoo cult practice ritualistic S/M! Rough sex auteur Davian delivers a straight-faced black magic story. New York reporters investigate the bizarre sex rituals of an underground voodoo cult. Wall to wall graphic orgies, up close whip wounds, and crucifixion!

Joe Davian (as Joseph Davian)

Annie Sprinkle
Cheryl White [Facial IR]
Tia von Davis (as Gayle Schafer) [IR]
Helen Madigan (as Jennifer Mason)
C.J. Laing (as Jessy Lang) [NonSex]
Lara Christie (as Lanna Christi) [Facial]
Crystal Sync (as Petula Smith) [Facial]
Vanessa del Rio (as Venessa Del Rio) [IR]

David Christopher (as Dave Christoff)
David Savage
David Williams
Lee Griffin
Michael Lee
Mike DeMarco
Carter Stevens (as Peter Sutinov)
Red Baron
Robin Cock
Unknown Male 3844 [BJOnly]

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Annie Sprinkle, Carter Stevens
Scene 2. Cheryl White, Helen Madigan, Crystal Sync
Scene 3. Cheryl White, Crystal Sync, David Christopher, David Savage, Red Baron
Scene 4. Helen Madigan, Mike DeMarco
Scene 5. Vanessa del Rio, Red Baron
Scene 6. Helen Madigan, David Savage
Scene 7. Tia von Davis, Red Baron
Scene 8. Lara Christie, Crystal Sync, Unknown Male 3844
Scene 9. Cheryl White, David Christopher
Scene 10. Crystal Sync, Carter Stevens
Scene 11. Lara Christie, David Williams, Unknown Male 3844
Scene 12. Lara Christie, Crystal Sync



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