The Scorpion Touch (1994)

The Scorpion Touch (aka Scorpion’s Tale) (1994/1995)

The Scorpion Touch (1994/1995-Sweet Cheeks Productions)*

*-This film was originally produced in 1990 by Electric Productions under the title “Tail Of The Scorpion”, but apparently wasn’t released—at least according to this review at It was finally released in 1994 as “Scorpion’s Tale”, with a tacked on scene featuring Rebecca Wild & Tiffany Million that was unrelated to the plot, and again in 1995 as “The Scorpion Touch”.

I’m guessing Rebecca Wild was inserted into the movie (and given the boxcover over original covergirl Ariel Knights (aka Tami White) because she was really popular at the time. Many studios at the time did this sort of thing with re-releases (especially Leisure Time with their Video Exclusives and Venus 99 lines).

Cast: Iesha, Michelle Monroe, Raven Richards, Tami White (credited as Ariel Knights), Rebecca Wild, Tiffany Million, Jerry Butler, Sean Michaels (boxcover & opening credits as Sean Michaels; ending credits as Andre Allen, which is his real name), Tony Montana & Mel Mack as “Johnny” (non-sex). Also, director Casey Shadow cameos as one of Jerry Butler’s thugs (non-sex).

Director: Casey Shadow*

*-The original movie, as listed at &, credits Casey Shadow(s) as director, while this release credits “Billy Bronco” as director. I thought maybe that they are the same person, but the ending credits list both “directors” as two of Jerry Butler’s “Detroit boys”, so maybe they aren’t the same guy. Could it be that Billy Bronco directed the added on scene with Rebecca Wild? Who knows?





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