The Very Best Of Dorothy Lemay (1982)



Andrea Lange
China Leigh [BJOnly Facial]
Dorothy Lemay [Facial]
Georgina Spelvin [LezOnly]
Jesie St. James [BJOnly]
Lisa Sue Corey
Lori Blue [LezOnly]
Mandy Ashley
Marlene Munroe
Susan Nero [BJOnly]
NonSex Performers
Annette Haven
Diana Holt

Aaron Stuart
Blair Harris
David Morris
Don Fernando
James Price
Jamie Gillis
Jesse Adams [BJOnly]
John Leslie
John Seeman
Ken Scudder [BJOnly]
Paul Thomas
NonSex Performers
Harry Freeman
Jon Martin
Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. China Leigh, Ken Scudder
Scene 2. Dorothy Lemay, guy
Scene 3. China Leigh, Lori Blue
Scene 4. Dorothy Lemay, Lisa Sue Corey, John Seeman
Scene 5. Dorothy Lemay, Paul Thomas
Scene 6. Dorothy Lemay, guy
Scene 7. Andrea Lange, Blair Harris, Jesse Adams
Scene 8. Jesie St. James, guy
Scene 9. Dorothy Lemay, Georgina Spelvin
Scene 10. Marlene Munroe, Don Fernando
Scene 11. Mandy Ashley, James Price
Scene 12. Susan Nero, Ken Scudder
Scene 13. Dorothy Lemay, Blair Harris
Scene 14. Dorothy Lemay, Aaron Stuart
Scene 15. Dorothy Lemay, David Morris
Scene 16. Dorothy Lemay, John Leslie
Scene 17. Dorothy Lemay, John Leslie
Scene 18. Dorothy Lemay, Jamie Gillis

Dorothy LeMay was a very hot little strumpet in her day, with a gorgeous mane of red hair, a tight little body & big wide innocent eyes. She made her debut in hardcore in the late 70’s and, in the beginning, she was mostly cast in supporting roles. Judging by her early appearances, it would have seemed to be a safe bet to claim she would never attain top tier status in the world of hardcore. But that all changed when Taboo & Taboo 2 were released. These performances pushed her over the top and, from that moment on, she was often cast in lead parts which helped her to attain that top status among porn starlets.




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