Three Men And A Barbi (1988)

Jim Travis

Cherry Hill
Eva Allen
Tanya Foxx

Buck Adams
Jerry Butler
Randy West

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Valentina, Buck Adams
Scene 2. Cherry Hill, Randy West
Scene 3. Cherry Hill, Eva Allen, Buck Adams
Scene 4. Tanya Foxx, Randy West
Scene 5. Tanya Foxx, Jerry Butler
Scene 6. Fallon, Tanya Foxx, Valentina
Scene 7. Eva Allen, Randy West

There’s lots of nice scenery and sex in the great outdoors in this erotic escapade. Lovely Faryn Heights brings her ample talents to her role as Barbi, a young woman who decides to chuck it all for awhile and go live in the woods with her Uncle Ted. Once there, she meets a few men who interest her in purely sensual ways. Buck Adams comes along as Ted’s newly single buddy who needs some help forgetting the woman who left him. Before long, it’s up to Faryn to help out a whole host of Uncle Ted’s horny pals. This films also the stars the erotic and hot Cheri Hill. So watch out! This movie is a good one, full of caring sex and lots of beautiful back-to-nature eroticism. “Collector’s Choice!” – XVG.





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