Thrill St Blues (1985)


Jerome Tanner

Heather Manfield
Heather Wayne
Helga Sven
Joanna Storm
Lana Burner
Stacey Donovan

Dino Alexander
Jamie Gillis
Marc Wallice
Paul Thomas
Peter North
Tom Byron

NonSex Performers:
Jack Baker
Michael Morrison

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Joanna Storm, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Heather Wayne, Joanna Storm
Scene 3. Joanna Storm, Tom Byron
Scene 4. Heather Wayne, Paul Thomas
Scene 5. Lana Burner, Dino Alexander
Scene 6. Lana Burner, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Heather Manfield, Heather Wayne, Stacey Donovan, Tom Byron
Scene 8. Helga Sven, Tom Byron
Scene 9. Joanna Storm, Tom Byron
Scene 10. Joanna Storm, Tom Byron
Scene 11. Heather Manfield, Heather Wayne, Helga Sven, Joanna Storm, Lana Burner, Stacey Donovan, Jamie Gillis, Marc Wallice, Paul Thomas, Peter North

Hookers! All deliciously different and waiting for you at “Belle De Balle’s” Thrill St. Bordello. Yes, Western Visuals’ own Jerome Tanner has filled our plate with another feast of fabulously beautiful female flesh to stimulate our pelvic urges. Belle’s girls are experts at separating you from your cash for their juicy secrets. That is until the arrival of “Flash, the magic dork”. In a flash he can stand a girl’s career on its head and have his sex-stunned victim paying him for the pleasure of his sexual prowess. Another recurring threat is the “Heat”, who do their best to catch our girls in the act. However, in the end, lust conquers all. Flash, the hookers, the detectives and even Flash’s kinky dad come together in an all out lust crazed orgy!




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