Thunder Boobs (1993)

Also Known As

Brazilian beauty Angelique comes to you with a view to kill for, along with Ava, Olivia, Jordan, Whitney, and Theresa, this sexy spy troupe is just two babes short of an octopussy, fucking and sucking their way to saving the world!

Steve Perry

* Angelique
* Ava Lustra
* Jordan St. James
* Linzi Drew [NonSex]
* Olivia
* Terry Rubens (as Theresa)
* Whitney Wonders

* Alec Metro
* Brook Bond
* Mario (as Marino Franchi)
* Michael J. Cox

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Angelique, Michael J. Cox
* Scene 2. Ava Lustra, Terry Rubens
* Scene 3. Jordan St. James, Olivia
* Scene 4. Jordan St. James, Olivia, Mario
* Scene 5. Terry Rubens, Alec Metro
* Scene 6. Ava Lustra, Whitney Wonders, Mario



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