Thundercrack (1975)


Thundercrack aka Thunder Crack 40th Anniversary Version

Curt McDowell

Maggie Pyle
Marion Eaton
Melinda McDowell
Moira Benson
Pamela Primate

NonSex Performers:
Gael Sikula
Laurie Hendriks
Margo O’Connor
Michele Gross
Virginia Giritlian

George Kuchar
Ken Scudder
Mookie Blodgett
Rich Johnson

NonSex Performers:
Bernie Boyle
Billy Paradise
John Thomas
Mike Ellinger
Roy Ramsing

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Maggie Pyle, Marion Eaton
Scene 2. Mookie Blodgett
Scene 3. Marion Eaton
Scene 4. Moira Benson
Scene 5. Melinda McDowell, Ken Scudder
Scene 6. Rich Johnson
Scene 7. Melinda McDowell, Mookie Blodgett
Scene 8. Moira Benson, Ken Scudder
Scene 9. Melinda McDowell, Mookie Blodgett
Scene 10. Maggie Pyle, Ken Scudder
Scene 11. Pamela Primate, George Kuchar
Scene 12. Moira Benson, Rich Johnson
Scene 13. Ken Scudder, Rich Johnson



One thought on “Thundercrack (1975)”

  1. I recently downloaded my third version of Thundercrack, but this version is the best of them. I suggest you upload again.
    It is considered a cult classic.!

    All three versions I have lack scenes 12 and 13. It is rumored that the owners are planning a restored version.

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