Tiffany Minx (1981)

This is a classic film, which makes it somewhat different than the porn you’ll see in the industry today. The classic films try harder to incorporate an actual story into the movie along with the sex. This one has mean husbands, jealous wives, and murdering mistresses. It has everything from cock sucking to pussy licking to hot lesbian action!

Roberta Findlay (as Robert Norman)

* Candida Royalle
* Candy Smith [NonSex]
* Crystal Sync
* Jennifer Jordan
* Marlene Willoughby
* Merle Michaels [Facial]
* Robin Sane (as Robin Storrs)
* Samantha Fox

* Carter Stevens
* David Morris
* Jeffrey Hurst (as Jeff Hurst)
* R. Bolla

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Robin Sane, Samantha Fox, David Morris
* Scene 2. Marlene Willoughby, Jeffrey Hurst
* Scene 3. Crystal Sync, Carter Stevens
* Scene 4. Candida Royalle, Merle Michaels
* Scene 5. Merle Michaels, R. Bolla
* Scene 6. Crystal Sync, Jeffrey Hurst
* Scene 7. Jennifer Jordan, R. Bolla
* Scene 8. Jennifer Jordan, R. Bolla
* Scene 9. Crystal Sync, R. Bolla




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