Tijuana Blue (1973)

Howard Ziehm

* Andy Bellamy [IR]
* Carmen Olivera
* Chlorine Stillwater
* Dorothy Clemente
* Eve Orlon
* Jill Sweete [Facial]
* Lidia Hernandez
* Maria Gomez
* Nina Martinez
* Sue Pagan

* Ernest Frazer [NonSex]
* Lee Beck
* Martin Victor

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Jill Sweete, Lee Beck
* Scene 2. blonde, Carmen Olivera, 2 guys, Martin Victor
* Scene 3. Andy Bellamy, black girl
* Scene 4. brun, Chlorine Stillwater, Eve Orlon, Lee Beck, Martin Victor
* Scene 5. blonde

A drug runner gets sent to Tijuana to meet with a person named Oddball. He’s told not to get involved with prostitutes, to just do the job and nothing else. He brings one friend with him, and they end up having sex with every female they meet.
This movie wasn’t very good. The story was there, and it actually had a decent ending, unlike other porn flicks of it’s time. The cast was not very attractive. Even when there were attractive people, it was hard to see them, due to the awful filming quality. Being attractive isn’t really all that big of a deal though, as long as the movie is interesting and well made. This was not all that well made, it kind of sucked. This can be obtained from Alpha Blue Archives on a disc titled Harry Hopper. It’s actually a good buy, as it has three of Howard Ziehm’s (Harry Hopper) earliest films







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