Too Naughty to Say No (1984)


Adorables salopes (1984)
Vinegar Syndrome

Nasty enough to say YES! Two students at a Catholic girls schools are best friends. One (Angel) is a shy, withdrawn girl, and the other (Ginger Lynn) is a wild, party-’til-you-drop hellraiser. The partier decides to give her “good girl” friend an education in the ways of the world.

Victor Nye

* Angel [Facial]
* Bunny Bleu (as Bunny Blue) [BJOnly]
* Cody Nicole [BJOnly]
* Ginger Lynn
* Heather Thomas
* Lisa De Leeuw (as Lisa DeLeeuw)
* Raven [NonSex]
* Lois Ayres (as Sondra Stillman) [IR]
* Stevie Taylor [Anal]

* Craig Roberts
* Edward Longly [BJOnly]
* Eric Edwards
* Francois (as Francois Papillon)
* Harry Reems
* Jamie Gillis
* Klaus Mueller
* Michael Morrison [BJOnly]
* Nick Niter (as Mike Niter)
* Paul Baressi
* Rick Cassidy
* Rufus Jefferson

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis
* Scene 2. Lois Ayres, Rufus Jefferson
* Scene 3. Stevie Taylor, Francois, Nick Niter
* Scene 4. Cody Nicole, Ginger Lynn, Eric Edwards
* Scene 5. Bunny Bleu, Michael Morrison
* Scene 6. Heather Thomas, Lisa De Leeuw, Klaus Mueller
* Scene 7. Stevie Taylor, Edward Longly
* Scene 8. Angel, Paul Baressi, Rick Cassidy
* Scene 9. Angel, Craig Roberts
* Scene 10. Angel, Harry Reems
* Scene 11. Angel, Cody Nicole

What pent up passions and desires lurk in a boarding school for girls? Virginal young Angel and nubile (but much more experienced) Ginger are about to pop the cork (so to speak) on their simmering sexuality in an erotic daydream confirming that both girls are Too Naughty To Say No. Caught up in a naughty never-never land where everyone is a carnal caricature of themselves, Angel and Ginger are taken to a brothel run by Lisa DeLeeuw. Known as Madam Rose, the purveyor of perverted pleasures puts the girls through their depraved and debaucherous paces. Finally, an energetic exorcist (Harry Reems) fills Angel’s spirit to the limit and snaps her back to reality. Awakening from her lurid daydream, Angel realizes it was only an illusion–or was it? Needless to say, this sizzling fantasy is the hottest coming of age story you’ll ever see.



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  1. The film of the link, not the film of the image. I had downloaded the movie, there’s another film, and the file is corrupted

  2. new filejoker links because only filejoker links was corrupted, thanks

    Too Naughty To Say No ***
    [Vinegar Syndrome]
    The original title for this film was “Betty’s Story.”
    Demasiado bueno para decir no [Spain]
    Adorables Salopes [France]
    Così si fa l’amore [Italy]
    Sonhos Imorais [Portugal]
    Suze Randall Classics: Too Naughty to Say No

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