Trashi (1981)

Louis Lewis

* Carol Doda [NonSex]
* Copper Penny
* Dorothy Lemay
* Lisa De Leeuw (as Lisa DeLeeuw)
* Loni Sanders
* Lysa Thatcher
* Nicole Black
* Serena
* Sharon Mitchell
* Tigr

* David Morris
* Joey Silvera
* Jon Martin
* Kevin James
* Michael Morrison
* Paul Thomas

Scene Breakdowns:

* Scene 1. Lisa De Leeuw, Michael Morrison
* Scene 2. Dorothy Lemay, Michael Morrison
* Scene 3. Lisa De Leeuw
* Scene 4. Lisa De Leeuw, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 5. Loni Sanders, Paul Thomas
* Scene 6. Carol Doda, Michael Morrison
* Scene 7. Copper Penny, Serena, Jon Martin
* Scene 8. Lysa Thatcher, Paul Thomas
* Scene 9. Tigr, Paul Thomas
* Scene 10. Dorothy Lemay, Paul Thomas
* Scene 11. Dorothy Lemay, Lysa Thatcher, Nicole Black, Tigr, Kevin James, Michael Morrison, Paul Thomas
* Scene 12. Lisa De Leeuw, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 13. Dorothy Lemay, Lysa Thatcher, Joey Silvera

Trashi…created to Fulfill One Man’s Insane Lust! How would you create the perfect woman? In this hilarious spoof, the perfect woman is Lisa de Leeuw, who has all the best parts of womankind. This sexually erotic comedy is packed with sweet, slick sexual action of the most bizarre kind, including a mad scientist, and horny lusty robots created to perform only one function. Besides super sex star Lisa De Leeuw, this tasty tale also stars the ever incredible Serena, Dorothy LaMay, Nicole Noir, Sharon Mitchell, Loni Sanders and San Fransisco’s world famous Carol Doda, in her first film appearance! So, if you’re still searching for the perfect female, stop right here, because Trashi will give you everything you’ve dreamed of!



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