Tres Riche (1987)


Where the rich pay to stay and play!
While at an exclusive, expensive resort, a woman schemes to ruin her ex-lover’s financial empire using sex as a distraction.
Everything was for sale: … Loves, lives, even empires!

Naomi Goldsmith

Amber Lynn
Dana Dylan
Samantha Strong
Sharon Mitchell

Don Fernando
Greg Derek
Jesse Eastern
John Leslie
Steve Drake

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Amber Lynn, Greg Derek
Scene 2. Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell
Scene 3. Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Jesse Eastern
Scene 4. Dana Dylan, John Leslie
Scene 5. Dana Dylan, Steve Drake
Scene 6. Samantha Strong, Jesse Eastern



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  1. The film of the link, not the image of the film. I had downloaded the movie, there’s another film, and the file is corrupted

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