Tuff Stuff (1986)

Year: 1987
Country: usa
Genre: Adult, Classics
Length: 1:08:01
Language: English

Directed by: Charles DeSantos

Tuff Stuff Description: “Nina Hartley plays a high school teacher with some unusual methods of keeping the peace in her classroom. Rather than send them to the principal’s office or giving them extra homework, Nina puts the randy teens on the list for her personal detention. The students are forced to come to detention in the attic of her house. Of course, once they all get there the whole thing turns into one big group grope, as the students find a bunch of sex toys and make the most of their time together. Meanwhile, Nina’s getting so worked up that she throws herself at her gardener Don Fernando in a steamy, sensual segment. The merry orgy continues upstairs for some time, and then eventually the folks all go home. Everyone, that is, except for Rocky Balboa, who hangs around afterwards in order to try and hit on Nina. Nina is more than responsive, and even calls over her tasty gal pal Tiffany Dupont for some threeway fun. The whole thing is very silly, but it does feature some of the most alluring performers of the day. Nina is spectacular as ever, while Amber Lynn and Gabriella both turn in mesmerizing, full-throttle turns that make the most of their every curve. A nice pick for those looking for some classic hardcore action.”


Amber Lynn
Nina Hartley
Tiffany Duponte


Don Fernando
Gary Vann
Joey Silvera
Jon Martin
Rocky Balboa

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Nina Hartley, Tiffany Duponte, Don Fernando
Scene 2. Amber Lynn, Gabriella
Scene 3. Amber Lynn, Gabriella, Gary Vann, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Rocky Balboa




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