Una Ragazza Molto Viziosa (1988)


Also Known As (AKA):
A Very Debauched Girl (undefined)
Die Nymphomanin West Germany

Starring: Lilli Carati, Shanna Evans, Tanya Lowsan, Christoph Clark, Dominique Diesth, Éric Dray, Rocco Siffredi

Directed by the genre expert Giorgio Grand, this movie doesn’t really offer quite anything erotic nor in its banal narration – Lilli Carati is a model that offering her sex to all the male cast can get her way to success – neither in its classically mediocre – at least for the Italian pornographic cinema – staging. It’s embarrassing how easily Lilli Carati could lower to the general level of slovenliness of such kind of productions in spite of having taken part to some fair movie just a few years before. People would better spend his time looking for some classical French productions, and not wasting eight-two minutes with low-grade sex scenes filled with worthless dialogs and terrible characterizations.





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