Vampire’s Kiss (1993)

The infamous writer Anna Price (Nikki Wild) has an authentic way of writing about vampires. Although it’s just fantasy for her, little does she know that her latest novel “Vampire’s Kiss” will catapult her into a true life experience with a real vampire! Count Dupree (Jonathon Morgan) falls in love with her and a tale of mystery and intrigue is woven around their newly formed romance. Anna’s supposedly loyal agent (Randy West) would rather collect vampire paraphernalia, than take his usual percentage of her novels. In this glossy, high budget production from Oasis Productions, Director Scotty Fox displays his genius at capturing the true spirit of the undead by interlacing this superb script with numerous erotic sex scenes – which give this tale of eerie erotica some bite!

Scotty Fox

Alex Jordan
Chaz Vincent [LezOnly]
Lacy Rose [Anal]
Nikki Dial
Rebecca Bardoux [LezOnly]
Rebecca Wild

J. B. [NonSex]
Jonathan Morgan
Randy West
Steve Drake
TT Boy

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Alex Jordan, Chaz Vincent
Scene 2. Nikki Dial, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 3. Lacy Rose, TT Boy
Scene 4. Lacy Rose, Rebecca Bardoux
Scene 5. Alex Jordan, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 6. Rebecca Wild, Steve Drake
Scene 7. Nikki Dial, Randy West




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