Vietnam 2 (1988)

Director:     Mario Salieri


* Barbara Moore
* Joy Karin’s as Joy Karins
* Susan Turner as?

* Roberto Malone as Robert Malone
* Frank Raimi
* Rocco Siffredi as Rocco Daryl Tano

Roberto Malone’s crimes in Vietnam continue to come hom to roost, as they are investigated by Joy Karin’s (when she isn’t having sex).

Sex scenes:
* threesome Joy Karins, brunette and Roberto Malone, intercut b/g Rocco and Tracy Adams
* b/g Joy Karins and (presumably) Frank Raimi
* b/g Rocco and brunette XNK0433
* threesome Tracy Adams, Joy Karins and Roberto Malone
* brief b/g Joy Karins and Roberto Malone



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