Viola Explosion 8 (1990’s)

Actresses: Julia Reaves, Anke Bonn, Daniela L., (as Britta Fist, Conny Pissy and Nicole Anal)
Actors: Dietmar Z. (as Dieter Prall), Roy Hunter (as Klaus Steher aka Klaus Michael Buttgereit), Sascha Rammler

Scene 1 – Julia Reaves [Fisting], Dietmar Z.
Scene 2 – Julia Reaves [masturbation]
Scene 3 – Julia Reaves [Fisting], Daniela L.,[Fisting] Sascha Rammler
Scene 4 – Julia Reaves [Fisting], Daniela L., Roy Hunter
Scene 5 – Anke Bonn [Fisting, watersports], Sascha Rammler
Scene 6 – Anke Bonn [Fisting, watersports], Daniela L,. Julia Reaves, Sascha Rammler, Roy Hunter
Scene 7 – Anke Bonn [Fisting, watersports], Julia Reaves, Sascha Rammler
Scene 8 – Daniela L., Roy Hunter

The movie „ Viola Explosion Nr. 8 – Faustpissymo“ was released by Viola via ZBF in 1989. The original rip was cropped and re-encoded in higher resolution to mp4. German language. Excercts of the movie appeared on the Viola compilation “Faust-Bombe” and later on on the compilation “Action Pack 4” released by Makol in 1993.





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