Virgin Cheeks (1986)


There’s nothing like a plunge into the virgin territory of anal sex for the ultimate experience. Kelly Richards, Erica Boyer and Roxanne Roland are the can-do coeds who get down to basics for their sorority backdoor initiation. It’s A-plus action all the way for these straight A coeds!

C.B. Uranus

* Tami White (as Demi Eras) [Facial]
* Erica Boyer
* Keli Richards (as Kelly Richards) [Anal]
* Roxanne Rollan (as Roxanne Roland) [Anal]

* Francois (as Francois Papillon)
* Rick Savage
* Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Tami White, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 2. Roxanne Rollan, Francois
* Scene 3. girl, Rick Savage
* Scene 4. Keli Richards, Francois
* Scene 5. Erica Boyer, Keli Richards
* Scene 6. Erica Boyer, Francois



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