Virginites A Prendre (1981)


Alternate titles:
Virginites a Prendre
Experiences Sexuelles d’une Adolescente
La Fuga
La Fugue
La Fugueuse
Girls with Curves
Jungfrau zum Vernaschen (1981)

Starring: Lise Pinson, Alain Alves, Claude Valmont, Eric Dray, Ingrid, Jean-Pierre Armand, John Oury, Dominique Saint Claire, Louison Boutin, Gilbert Servien, Helen Shelley Dany Doll, Cathy Dupray, Laura Zanzibar

Description: Gaelle, a very young still virgin girl falls madly love with the former lover of his mother. She decided to join him in Corsica. At the end of a trip (rich in twists) where her “virtue” is being sorely tested, she deploys all her charms then captivated him and between his arms knows her real first night of love. A rarely discussed topic. A great classic released with a triumphant success on December 2, 1981 in the Alpha France.



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