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    Vixens of Kung Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang (1975)

    Bree Anthony … Hooker/Yin and Kung fu student (as Brie Anthony)
    Tony Richards … Kung fu fighter/Yang (as Tony Blue)
    Peonies Jong … Cook/Kung fu master (as Peonies Jung)
    C.J. Laing … Kung fu teacher of women
    Jamie Gillis … Hunter/gang rapist
    Bobby Astyr … Hunter/gang rapist
    Lin Chen Fu
    Juliet Graham … Kung fu student (as Bonnie King)
    Linda Trussell … Kung fu student
    Roger Caine … Hooker’s white client (as Wesley Artur)
    Arlana Blue … Nude fighter (as Rosanne Lang)
    Ling Fat
    Anthony Wong … Kung fu performer

    Scene Breakdowns
    Scene 1. Bree Anthony, Bobby Astyr, Jamie Gillis
    Scene 2. Bree Anthony, C.J. Laing
    Scene 3. Bree Anthony, Turk Turpin
    Scene 4. Bree Anthony, Roger Caine
    Scene 5. Arlana Blue, C.J. Laing
    Scene 6. Bree Anthony, Juliet Graham, Patty Barnett, Tony Richards
    Scene 7. Tony Richards
    Scene 8. Bree Anthony, Tony Richards



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