Welcome to ClassicArchive.org (Please read)

Dear visitors of Porn-Valley i’m glad to announce you that we have been changed our domain and from now you can visit our site from the domain www.classicarchive.org

All downloads are still available on the site. We hope you will still stay with us and continue browsing our site.



Porn-Valley / ClassicArchive Team







16 thoughts on “Welcome to ClassicArchive.org (Please read)”

  1. I don’t know if people know about this place:


    you upload the file ONCE and it goes to all those servers!!

    then on the download side there is a direct download button with no waiting;

    so you don’t have to wait for countdowns and do captchas or even waiting time in between files:


    (not a porno file, using it for illustration and example purposes)

    p.s. I couldn’t find a CONTACT or EMAIL button

  2. Who is that blonde getting doggy-style in the left hand picture at the top of the web page? Damn I love her. thanks.

  3. Hotfile ? 🙂

    obviously you are new user here, all movies on this site was uploaded on hotfile, before 6 months they decided to delete all movies, and we was working 24/7 to upload all that movies.
    Thats the reason why hotfile is banned on this site .

  4. OK, I accept ypur explanation about hotfile, but why don’t you use rapishare then, it is even faster.

  5. rapidshare is ok, but we have problem with the upload speed, connection with the our server and the rapidshare is just 100 kb/s

  6. @Jimbo–The blonde in the banner is Danielle Martin (Oriental Hawaii, Miami Spice I, Blonde Next Door). Looks 10, sex 7, acting 2, imho :-).

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