Where The Girls Sweat 1 (1990)


Heather Lere (as Briana Rai)
Bridgette Monroe
Darla Derriere
Kristarah Knight
Porsche Lynn

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Bionca, Bridgette Monroe, Heather Lere
Scene 2. Bionca, Darla Derriere, Tianna
Scene 3. Madison, Bridgette Monroe, Heather Lere
Scene 4. Madison, Porsche Lynn
Scene 5. Bionca, Bridgette Monroe, Heather Lere
Scene 6. Orgy with al the ladies

?”Where The Girls Sweat!” would be truly exceptional if we gave you the sizzling performances of Brianna Rey, Madison, and Bridgette Monroe and stopped there. But there’s much more! Direct from Boston, Krisstarah Knight comes dripping, and when we add the pistol hot legend of porn, Porche Lynn, the recipe for the most scrumptious all girl movie ever nears completion. Here’s the icing that makes it complete. We have an incredibly gorgeous girl in this movie who is a professional aerobics instructor. She works at the gym we used for our location and told us she had never made it with another girl, and wanted to know if we’d let her be in the movie
It was perfect! The script called for an aerobics instructor. So you’ll feast your eyes on what up until now only her mommy and her lover have seen in the flesh! You’ll share her first experience with women when the beautiful Tianna and the scorching temptress Bionca show her the true meaning of the “ultimate work-out”. Streamlined, sensual, gorgeous and willing she’s the girl we all dream about, doing the things we all fantasize about.
Maybe she?s the aerobics instructor at your gym? guess you?ll just have to wait and see, Darla Derriere.?




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