Wild Wild Chest (1990)

Charlie Diamond

* Ashley Nicole
* Brianna Lynn
* Nina Hartley [Facial]
* Tera Heart [Facial]

* Randy West
* Ron Jeremy
* Wayne Summers

Scene Breakdowns:

* Scene 1. Nina Hartley, Wayne Summers
* Scene 2. Brianna Lynn, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 3. Ashley Nicole, Nina Hartley, Randy West
* Scene 4. Tera Heart, Randy West
* Scene 5. Tera Heart, Wayne Summers

“Howdy partner, and welcome to a vision of the Old West that cuts down on the horseplay and pumps up the passion. Nina Hartley stars as the wanton wife of randy rancher Wayne Summers, a woman who is simply not getting enough debauchery in her diet. Everything changes when Nina decides to hire buffed stud Randy West as a ranch hand — but you can bet that he handles more than the ranching! And when buxom beauty Tera Heart and comely Ashley Nicole come to the ranch for a visit, things really get wild! It’s a non-stop ride to the far reaches of erotic excess as Nina, Tera and Ashley go all out to please their men and one another. The West has never been quite so wild as in this red-hot ranch romp!”




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