World Cup aka Cicciolina e Moana “Mondiali” (1990)

Also Known As
Cicciolina e Moana “Mondiali” (Italian original)
Cicciolina e Moana ai Mondiali
Mundial Sex (Italian DVD release, DVD I Classici)
Sexy Mundial ’90

Nicholas Moore (as Jim Reynolds)

* Cicciolina [Anal Facial IR]
* Feline Fabre (as Ida) [Facial]
* Miss Pomodoro (as Mis Pomodoro)
* Moana Pozzi (as Moana) [Anal Facial IR]

* Eric Price
* Massimo Lotti
* Roberto Malone (as Robert Malone)
* Ron Jeremy
* Sean Michaels (as Sean Michael)
* Unknown Male 11422 [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi, Massimo Lotti, Roberto Malone
* Scene 2. Moana Pozzi, Eric Price
* Scene 3. Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 4. Feline Fabre, Miss Pomodoro, Eric Price, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 5. Cicciolina, Sean Michaels
* Scene 6. Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi
* Scene 7. Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi, Sean Michaels
* Scene 8. Cicciolina, Feline Fabre, Moana Pozzi, Eric Price, Massimo Lotti, Roberto Malone, Ron Jeremy

This porno came out in the wake of the soccer world cup 1990 in Italy. The story is simple: the Italian team is not good enough to do it on their own, so the services of Moana Pozzi and Cicciolina (Ilona Staller) are enlisted to weaken the strength of the opposition. The teams our two leads are targeting are Holland, Germany, and Argentina. The one remarkable thing about this flick is the casting of Ron Jeremy as Maradona. Not only is there a certain general resemblance, they are similarly stockily built, and in one (footballing) warming-up session we see Ron performing some stretching exercises that are an almost exact copy of corresponding footage that exists of Diego Maradona. For the footballing scenes some stock-footage of the 1982 world cup was used, and in some scenes France (which has a similar outfit if we ignore the socks) was used as a stand-in for Italy.





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