Young Students (1976)

Also Known As
Carnal College
Student Bodies

Godfrey Daniels (as P.C. O’Kake)

* Beth Ruberman [Facial]
* Marsha Wolfe
* Linda Wong (as Sandy Stram)
* Angela Haze (as Suzie Muffet)
* Vicky Lindsay (as Vicky Lindsy)

* Joey Silvera (as David Reisen)
* Kent Hall
* Lewis Chas. Wolfe
* Paul Scharf
* Phillip Abbott
* Vance Erikson III

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Vicky Lindsay, guy
* Scene 2. Angela Haze, guy
* Scene 3. Linda Wong, Kent Hall
* Scene 4. Vicky Lindsay, Joey Silvera
* Scene 5. Beth Ruberman, Marsha Wolfe, Paul Scharf
* Scene 6. Angela Haze, Joey Silvera

This is a tale about a female doctor who runs a girls’s school called Kent Manor. The girls are so horny that they can’t wait to unzip any available male – including the school gardener, the new psychology professor, the laundry man and other assorted desirable targets. With a cast of fresh, sexy new faces, along with screen veteran Linda Wong – “Young Students” makes continued education so very inviting indeed!




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