Bride’s Delight (1971)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1973
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Andy Bellamy, Kathy Hilton, William Howard, Terri Johnson, John Keith, Jack King, Sue Peters

Description: In Bride’s Delight, a mоrоnic hillbilly couple (who make Jethro and Ellie Mae Clampett look like rocket scientists) win a contest to Hollywood, the muffmunching capital of the world. Not used to the big city ways, our lovers visit a motion picture studio. Unfortunately, they pick Classy Sex Productions.
They are quickly conned into performing in skin flicks by a smut peddler who looks like Santa Claus. The pair are shown the ropes by hardcore humpsters, Pete and Star (a real sex machine who’s all legs) who contribute a breathless bang. The newlyweds soon get distracted by their own hormones and contribute some sheetsurfing of their own.
Bride’s Delight wraps things up with an atomic foursome containing the usual grinding, writhing, moaning, grunting, and licking.
And they lived hornily ever after.



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