Brigitte Lahaie – 8 Scenes (1977-1980) DVD


Year: (1977-1980)
Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
Directed by: various
Issued: Alpha France
Duration: 1 hour 01 mins

The eight scenes are clipped from the following films:
1. Parties fines (Education of the Baroness)
2. Je suis à prendre (I Am Yours to Take)
3. Fievres nocturnes (Night Fever)
4. Les Petites écolières (Little Schoolgirls)
5. La Maison des phantasmes (Submission)
6. Couple cherche esclaves sexuels (Serviced with a Smile)
7. La Rabatteuse (no English title AFAIK)
8. Maîtresse pour couple (Mistress for a Couple)




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