China Sisters (1978)


Girl is an English teacher during the day. But, at night, she turns into an unsatiable nymphomaniac. She gets involved with her pupils and, in the hope of a cure, she even seduces her younger sister. With nobody at hand, she makes love to herself.

Anthony Spinelli

* Phaedra Grant (as Lisa Grant) [MastOnly]
* China Leigh (as Tina Wong) [Facial]
* Vicky Lyon [Anal Facial]

* Don Fernando
* Jack Wrangler
* Jack Wright
* John Leslie
* Robbi Robinson

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Vicky Lyon, Robbi Robinson
* Scene 2. China Leigh, Vicky Lyon
* Scene 3. Vicky Lyon, Don Fernando
* Scene 4. China Leigh, Vicky Lyon, Jack Wrangler
* Scene 5. China Leigh, John Leslie
* Scene 6. Vicky Lyon, Jack Wright
* Scene 7. Phaedra Grant



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