Delit de Seduction (1993)


Michel Ricaud

Nathaly Boet
Deborah Wells
Elodie Cherie
Kathy Marceau
Natacha Delyro
Ashley Davidson

Christoph Clark
Christopher Suss
Eric Weiss
Wilfried De Renzi
Piotr Stanislas
NonSex Performers
Philippe Soine

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Kathy Marceau, Eric Weiss
Scene 2. Nathaly Boet, Eric Weiss
Scene 3. Maeva, Eric Weiss
Scene 4. Kathy Marceau, Christopher Suss, Wilfried De Renzi
Scene 5. Maeva
Scene 6. Nathaly Boet
Scene 7. Natacha Delyro, Southan, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 8. Elodie Cherie, Ashley Davidson, Eric Weiss
Scene 9. Deborah Wells, Christoph Clark
Scene 10. Natacha Delyro, Southan, Christoph Clark
Scene 11. Elodie Cherie, Ashley Davidson, Christoph Clark, Eric Weiss
Scene 12. Deborah Wells, Christoph Clark, Eric Weiss

Description: Bandor, A dangerous sex maniac, arrives in town and guess that his favorite “prey” is? Spouses of dignitaries, Corinne, a special VIP body guard has been assigned the mission to confine him, by any means..



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