Extases impudiques aka L’épouse offerte (1977)


Director: Claude Pierson as Andrée Marchand
Notes: France, c. 59 mins

Alternate Titles
• Hemmungslose Ekstase Germany, VFL, 70 mins
more AKA from le dictionnaire’ de Mr Bier :
• L’empreinte
• Minettes à tout faire
• Secrets of a nymphomaniac
• L’épouse offerte (Video Concorde)

Actresses (completed with info from Le dictionnaire de Mr Bier)
• Liliane Lemieuvre in second orgy scene
• Susan Deloir as Milena Serdat, plays Constance
• Ursula White as Monique Ciron plays Sandra
• France Lomay (in orgy scene)

Males include
• Alban Ceray plays Julien
• an uncredited male plays Jean-Luc
• four uncredited males (including Richard Allan, Cyril Val, Richard Lemieuvre and Charly Schreiner) take part in the orgy scenes




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