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    Hot Stuff (1984)


    Starring: Danielle, Jacqueline Lorians, Johanna Storm, Cody Nicole, Carol Cross, Laurie Smith.

    “Pulp magazine writer, voluptuous Jennifer Nash, transports her latest characters to wild orgasmic adventures. Beautiful Rode Island Red and her companions Louisiana Smith and Oklahoma Crude experience pleasures an this earth and beyond!
    “Oklahoma Crude has erotic encounters in medieval castles with lovely, lustful maidens. Red’s sexual joust is with an aggressive unquenchable knight. Smith’s pleasure erupts underwater with a hot feminine submarine commander and in a prehistoric cave where he penetrates the deepest recesses of a violent young woman.
    “The trio meet in an obscure casbah and encounter two dancing girls with orgasms on their minds. Their journey ends in the hidden temples of Luxor along the Nile. Here Smith writhes in sexual embraces with a long forgotten love goddess and her high priestess. Soon Jennifer and Red fall under the power and they too become love goddesses!”



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